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The objective of this app is to book courier services through app.

Customers can book a courier request via app by giving the necessary details.

The submitted request will be received at driver end.

The customer will be intimated via notifications to keep them updated about their package delivery.

Secure online payment facility is available

Existing System

In the existing system, customer have to the courier office to place their order.

It’s time consuming.

Courier office will be available only at limited working hours.

Proposed System

This app allows user to book courier service online.

Customer will be asked to enter the required details in order to place a request.

The request will be passed on to the available online nearby drivers based on the location.

The request will be passed on to the available online nearby drivers based on the location.

The driver can accept/reject the request.

Once rejected, the request will be passed on to the next available driver.

Payment can be done through app, after delivery of the package.


Signup (Customer/Driver)

Service Booking

Accept Service

Reject Service

Start / Stop Service.


Other Features

1.Sign Up

Customer Signup:

Customer should signup with basic details like name,phone number,email, password,profile picture.

After successful signup, customer can use the features of the app

Driver Signup:

Driver should sign up with details same as customer, but extra details like license,insurance will be asked so as to validate the driver.

Driver whose license is expired will not be allowed to login

After signup, driver needs admin approval in order to verify the details.

On admin approval, driver will be allowed to login

2. Service Booking

Service booking will take place at customer’s end..

After successful login, customer will be redirected to a page in order to book a service

Customer will be asked to enter pickup location and drop location with mapview..

Pickup & Drop date and time will be asked in order to notify the driver.

Customer should enter the package details and select the type of courier service they require.

Pickup & Drop date and time will be asked in order to notify the driver.

Available courier service type are car,scooter,walk and rush..

After providing all these details customer can submit the request by clicking the “Submit ” button.

Pickup & Drop date and time will be asked in order to notify the driver.

3.Accept Service.

Accept Service action will he nearby drivers happen at driver’s end.

The submitted courier service request will reach the nearby drivers who are online based on their location..

Driver has the privilege to accept/reject the request based on his/her requirement..

Once accepting the request the service will be started..

Customer will be intimated through notifications about the acceptance of the request.

After acceptance of the service, the fare details and driver details will be visible to the customer.

4.Reject Service

Reject Service action will take place at driver’s end...

Driver has the privilege to reject the request by clicking the “Reject” Button.

Once rejected, the request will be no longer visible on the driver’s end.

The rejected request will move on to the next available online driver based on the location..

5. Start Service

Start Service is done by driver.

After acceptance of the request, the driver can start the service by clicking the “Start Service” button..

The driver will be asked for his/her signature on clicking the “Start Service” button.

After giving the signature the customer will be notified regarding the service start..

Driver will be given link to google map to view the pickup and drop location.

6. Stop Service

Stop Service is done by the driver

Once the driver had reached the destination (drop location) he/she can click the “Stop Service” button..

On clicking the “Stop Service” button, a popup will be prompted in order to receive customer’s signature.

Driver receives the customer signature and the request will be completed..

7. Payment

After delivery of the package, “Pay” option will be enabled at the customer side.

On clicking the “Pay” button, customer will be asked to add card details.

Customer has options to add multiple cards..

Customer will be redirected to the payment gateway.

On successful payment, the customer will be notified to provide rating to the driver about the service.

Rating is optional

8. Other Features.

The other features available in this app are:

1) Change Password:

Both driver and customer has the option to use “Change Password” functionality in order to modify their current password..

2) Payment History:

This option will be available at driver end in order to view their payments received so far Payment amount and date will be displayed.

3) Notification List:

Notification List will be available at driver’s end displaying a list of notification the driver received so far

4) Profile:

Customer and driver has the option to view and edit their profile.

5) Account Details

Driver has options to add his/her bank details by providing details like account number,routing number,bank name and holder name


This app is available in the following domains:.

1) IOS.

2) Android


This app is user friendly

Customer can book services anytime without physically going to the courier office.

Time consumption is reduced.