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Back Office


Alwin Soft is one of the leading customer oriented service company and experience of over 7 years in the market. On time service is the core objective which achieved by providing the best service and fulfillment of the customer’s needs.

Scope of the project

Following services are taking major part with us.

These terms are used to define different business processes within the organization where the primary responsibility of interacting with the customers is endowed to the front office and all the production and background processing of the tasks that are required to deliver a quality product or service lies with the back office hence both are pivotal parts of an organization


We often hear these terms while referring to the official works and different responsibilities. Both are different areas of the building area or the room where the employees of an office job. Both are those places where the employees perform clerical jobs or professional activities and other activities related to the smooth running of the business

Allwin soft have dedicated key customers who are running their business with Jewelry Shops, Apparels, Two Wheeler Show Room, Furniture, Transportation and so on and offers best price in the market

Back office Items

Daily and Monthly Payroles Entry,Company Accounts , Business Entry,E mail marketing,Tele marketing,Social media marketing And Global Services

Cloth Banners and Venial Stickers And Global advertisement

Digital Advertisement

Based on the marketing strategies, providing the digitalized advertisements as follows:

Sign up will be carried out by giving details like name,address,email, mobile etc..

After successful registration,customer will be redirected to the home page

Marketing on



Mobile SMS


Visualized advt post on Youtube (Exposing with Editing & Composing)

Social Media enhancement like Twitter, Facebook, etc

Banner Add to other company’s website advertisement

Visualized advt post on Youtube (Exposing with Editing & Composing)

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