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Vehicle Rental/Booking System


This is an user friendly app which benefits the customers and vehicle owners. Customers have privilege to rent/book vehicles with various facilities by following simple and easy steps. This document gives brief explanation of this project

Scope of the Project

This application has complete set of features to manage interaction between customer and owner

Easy registration process and transaction anywhere/anytime

Transaction status and other ongoing details will be sent via push notifications


Android and IOS

Customer Management

Online Transaction

Data Management

Chat Facility


Customer Module:


Vehicle Booking (Update/Cancel)

Booking History

Owner Module:

Vehicle Registration

Booking History


Customer Module


Registration is common for both customer and the owner

Three categories of vehicles can be registered:

Few basic details like name, email, mobile number, location etc.. have to be given

After successful registration, user will be redirected to the home page

Vehicle Booking:

The customer will be able to view the nearest registered vehicle in their home page

Customer can select any vehicle based on their preference and book a ride

Once request is booked it will reach the specific driver who can carry on with the ride

Booking History:

Booking history will show the upcoming, ongoing and completed requests

Status of the ride will be displayed in the corresponding tabs

Owner Module

Vehicle Registration:

The owner can register their vehicle(s) by clicking on the add button

Vehicle can be registered by providing the details as shown below:

1)Vehicle model

2)Vehicle Type


4)VLicense and Insurance images

Booking History:

Booking history are categorized as Upcoming, Ongoing and Completed

New requests will be shown under upcoming tab

The in process requests will be shown under Ongoing tab

The requests for which the payment is completed will be shown under completed tab


Payment can be done after completion of service through paypal/card.

Feedback is optional at both the ends

Customer have options to update the booking details

And also customer can cancel the booking where refund will be provided


Payment can be done after completion of service through paypal/card.

Feedback is optional at both the ends

Technology Used



Objective C

Codeigniter Framework