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The objective of this app is to request for towing service if vehicle is in breakdown.Using this app, the customer can book the towing service on the spot by following few steps in the app

Existing System

Customer have to call/contact in person in case of a vehicle breakdownp,Waiting for repair causes frustration to the customers,Contact through call/in person takes a lot of time

Proposed System

There are separate apps for customer and driver.

In this proposed system, the customers can inform about their vehicle breakdown easily via app

After providing certain preliminary details, customer can request for service

Customer’s location will be automatically detected by the app and shared along with the service request

The service request will reach to all the available providers based on which accept/reject action is performed.


Customer Module

1) Registration

2) Service Booking

3) Payment

4) Feedback

Provider Module:

1) Registration

2) Service Accept/Reject

3) Initial Payment

4) Refund

Customer Module

2) Service Booking:

After login, customer can book the service by clicking “Send Request” button

On clicking “Send Request” button, the details of the customer will be filled in automatically as per registration details.

Additionally, the customer can add images if necessary

The location of the customer will be automatically tracked by the app and will be send along with the request

3) Payment:

Customer should pay the initial amount during service start

Customer should pay the service charge after completion of the service

Customer will be redirected to the payment gateway page during payment

4) Feedback:

Feedback will be given by the customers on completion of the service

The feedback given will be reflected at the provider’s end

Provider Module


Provider should signup in order to use the app

Necessary details will be asked during registration

2) Service Accept/Reject:

The service request submitted by the customer will reach all the available service providers

The provider can accept/reject the request

On rejecting the request, the request will not be visible anymore to that provider

If any provider accepts the request, then the request will not be visible to the rest of the providers

The provider who accepted the request will carry on with the service

3) Initial Payment:

On accepting the service, the provider will be paid initial amount in order to proceed with the service.

The initial amount payment is for precaution

If the provider is not carrying out the service at customer end, then the initial amount will be refunded.

Provider will proceed with the service only after the payment of initial amount

4) Refund:

After completion of the service, if the initial amount is greater than the service charge, then the balance amount will be refund to the customer.

Similarly if the service charge is greater than the initial amount, then the customer have to pay the provider with the remaining amount


This app is available in:

1) Android.

2) IOS


This app is an user friendly app

Customer can book services without physically reporting in the mechanic office/shed

Time consumption is reduced