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This app provides facilities for users to donate money for a church/charity/campaign

Users are provided with an option to create their own fundraising campaign

Users can make a donation through a few quick and easy steps


Donate to church/charity

Start fund raising campaign

Payment method

Invite friends

Donate to church/charity

Users will be provided with options to search for organization/campaign

User can donate amount to one or more organizations based on their interest

Start fund raising campaign

User has an option to create their own fundraising campaign

User will asked to fill out details like target amount,campaign title etc

On creation of the campaign user may receive funds based on the donater’s interest

Payment Method

Users can add their credit/debit card details in prior

Adding details at the earliest makes it easy for the users because when they donate , already to added card details will be displayed them for payment

Invite Friends

Users has an option to invite people to join this app via:

1) Facebook

2) Other sharing media on our device


This app is available in the following domains:





This app provides secure online payment

Donating money to church/charities is made very easy using this app

Raising money for any social cause can be done using this app with Start Free Campaign option