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Barber shop


The objective of this app is to book appointment in prior for various services available in a barber shop which minimizes customer waiting time.

Customers can avail and book various attractive services in barber shop.

Customer has an option to choose multiple barber shops..

Customers can buy products online with online payment facility.

Existing System

In existing system, customer have to wait in the barber shop to receive a service.

Waiting causes frustration and sometimes it may spoil shop’s reputation if customer is unhappy with the service

Proposed System

This app allows customer to book services through android app..

Customer have options to select any available services from any shop based on their interest.

Customer will be intimated via alert while booking , if there is an overlap on appointment date/time.

Customer’s waiting time in the barber shop in considerably reduced since it is an appointment based system.


Service Booking

Product Shopping.

Booking/Order History.

Service Booking

Available services will be shown in the “Home” menu.

Customer can select a service and will be redirected to a page where barber name and customer rating is displayed.

Both options are accessible only if the customer is already logged in.

View Location option displays the shop location

On selecting the barber, customer can view two options “Book Now” and “View Location”

View Location option displays the shop location

Book now option allows the customer to book the service by filling required details

Product Shopping

Available products will be shown in the “Products” menu.

Products will be categorized as “All Products” and “Special Products”.

Customer can select multiple products and to cart..

Consolidated price will be displayed below .

Customer has options to add /remove products from cart.

Customer will be redirected to payment page after shopping

Booking/Order History

Booking/Order History can be checked by clicking “Booking History” menu

Two seperate tabs namely “Booking History” and “Order History” will be displayed


This app is available in the following domains:




This is an user friendly app

Allows user to explore various options and to select their required service/product

Customers can use the services from multiple barber shops

Minimizes customer waiting time in barber shop