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Baby Monitoring


Baby monitoring app is an user friendly app that allow user to search nearby diaper changing room facility.Summary of this project is explained below..

ROPING TYPE 1:1 & 2:1 (BASED ON SITE CONDITION)Scope of this project

User can easily find the nearby diaper changing room.

User can add new stations.

User can save the favorite stations.


Easily find nearby stations.

User can add the new stations.

Save favorite stations



Adding new diaper stations

Nearby diaper stations


In order to use the app, the user have to sign up first

Sign up will be carried out by giving details like name,address,email, mobile etc..

After successful registration,customer will be redirected to the home page

Adding New diaper Stations

If user find any new stations they can add simply the stations.

Save the new stations so that others get notified when new stations are added.

Nearby Diaper Stations

User can find the nearby diaper changing room by searching through the map..

User can save the search for the future use..




Codeigniter framework.